Extraliga: Strak’s premiere did not go, Litvinov won the seventh place and celebrated Sparta

Pilsen is in crisis, from Ostrava returns without a single point, nine matches are waiting for normal play. The new coach Martin Straka broke all the attacks, did not put Koreis and Yellow Horna, and changed the defense. Nothing helped and Škoda continues to pull away.

In a completely different situation, the ice hockey players are Litvinov. They confirmed their well-being against Hradec Králové when they turned the match from 3: 2 to 0: 2, the turn completed in the extension of the pair Hübl, Lukeš and settled the seventh win Verva behind. Sparta was a clear favorite in the home the match with Karlovy Vary and the paper assumptions also filled.Even thanks to the two-point Pech, he played the last 3: 1 extralig table and reached the fourth place of the highest home hockey competition.

Vítkovice entered the game more actively and created decent internet betting opportunities. In the 13th minute, Szturc did not succeed when he did not get a puck in the net before Hylak, four minutes later, but the home had already begun when American Stastny defeated. Pilsen fired with a quick answer, but Olesz’s goal is shorting the second third of Straka’s fighter broke. Suddenly there was only one team on the ice and Vítkovice comfortably managed to win 4: 1.The guests only fired 14 shots, the only one in the last third.

Verva went well in the match, won six times in a row and as the biggest positive surprise of the opening quarter of the extra-league season jumped to third place. Hradec Kralove, however, did not miss the honorable balance of the home team and came in the lead in the 14th minute. Dietz online bookmaker made the two-goal lead in the second period. Even before the second siren, however, the very active and dangerous Jurčík dropped, ran between the circles and blew the Ribbaru.

Then he could even balance, just like Captain Travnicek, but he just beat a stick. Three minutes before the end of the basic game period, Ivan Hlinka Sörvik Winter Stadium was just outing.Lukeš, who had a good two-to-one finish with Viktor Hüble, finished Lukeš, who had been able to finish the game with just two. The Karlovy Vary players arrived in Prague with a success against Zlín, who also scored seven goals and scored, in the O2 Arena many valid. After the first period, which ended 1: 1, the home team came second in the lead in the 32nd minute thanks to the ex-Pechi coach and they did not let them get ready. On the contrary, Sparta’s lead in the third twenty-minute period was still highlighted by Uher. The guests created several decent chances, especially in the middle of Novotný’s shooting, but the Spartan couple showed excellent performance and did not allow Karlovy Vary to make the game dramatic.