Děčín’s winds blow the chances in the cup. They want the best four in the league

And the warriors will also attack the Czech Cup, which Nymburk gave up, eight consecutive winners. “There is a chance for other clubs, including us, we will try to succeed,” Lukáš Houser, general manager, defeats the first trophy. “In addition, at the beginning of the next season, the Super Cup is in the league and cup championship.” Basketball is No. 1 in Děčín, last season the TV broadcast its 10 games. “The question of finance is so complicated. Even though we have 90 percent already secured and we have 100 percent, but we are still working hard on austerity measures, “says Chrastny.

“We save on all fronts. If we had to go to 12 million in the 16 million budget, we now need to get scheme betting even lower.But it should not break the quality of the team, we have it optimally folded, a great mix! And most of all – we do not owe a crown to anyone, “says the boss.

Houser is proud of it:” We went to debt last year, yet we did not finish in red numbers but with a balanced budget. The current year begins with a clean shield, we are a healthy club. We do not build airlocks. ”

There was no caducracy in Děčín, there was little change. Profikarier ended the pivot Soukup, he is a youth manager and player Litoměřice, his place was filled by Jelínek from Svitavy. The foreigners turned away: Vent was replaced by American Tucker.The third in the party of novices is the teenager Kroutil, a child who worked (and continues to be) at Sokol Prague.

“The exchange was so sensitive that it would not sign on quality downwards. And I will be glad when up, “says coach Pavel Budinsky. “Tucker is a smart, cool and reasonable guy, but what will make him feel the atmosphere of a championship match, we’ll see. Jelinek is the same. ”

Budinsky was positively surprised how the young players came to the summer drifting. “The roles of some will change. Even the juniors will get a minute, Bažant or Jiříček should take responsibility for their hips, “the coach recalls.

Bets back to a basket that will entertain fans. “Modern style, a demanding, rushed, contact and make a deposit and get a bonus attractive basket.When all the players get involved, I will be happy, “says Budínský. “We believe we have mixed the optimal cocktail for this game. However, we are unique in that we are able to mad the best of the best, but when we are a favorite, we can blow our sporting bet house out of cards. It always depends on how we adjust our head. But the team is honest and hardworking. ”

Budínský learns in Děčín the 11th season, the club enters the seventy. Celebrations will begin in January. Will the warriors join the league and cup quits?