To enjoy winter walks and not freeze

To enjoy winter walks and not freeze, it is important to dress correctly. Here are some tips on how to choose clothes for kids that have recently learned to walk and you do not want the walk to sit in strollers.

The main function of underwear is to take the moisture and keep body temperature. Now there are many different manufacturers of the clothes, which different models and samples. But in General, all thermal underwear effectively wicks away moisture from the body (or outside, or in the inner layers of clothing) that reduces the heat loss of the body and gives the feeling of comfort.

Lightweight outerwear
No one wants to feel awkward seal or a penguin, therefore, forget about heavy overalls on a sheep fur. Also better to stop down overalls with natural fillers. These things can wind up tongs, often occurs in children allergic to fluff. And of course, children’s coats and coats look good only in photographs.

Best choice the top of winter clothing for a small child will termokombinezon. High prices are justified by the fact that these things are durable, convenient and practical. Thermocompensation light, fairly thin, do not hold down movements, not brands, well cleared and not get wet. They have a good support thermoregulation and suitable for a wide temperature regime (from +5 to -20). The baby termokombinezon will be comfortable and warm.

Layering clothes
Ideally, in the winter it is advisable to wear lightweight, dense, multi-layered clothing, which will create air layer that can trap heat. Remember, the more layers of clothing will be on the child, the warmer him on the street.

Optimally, if the wardrobe will consist of three layers of clothing:

Bottom (diaper or underwear, tank top / t-shirt, tights or thermal underwear)
Medium (sweater / leggings or fleece jacket, socks)
Upper (termokombinezon or jacket / pants, gloves, hat, scarf)

Clothing should be loose, so that the moist air could escape to the outside, passing between layers of clothing while driving.

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